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Well...... 2020, What a Year That Was!!

Firstly, let us say HAPPY NEW YEAR to one and all and fingers crossed that, with vaccines on the horizon, 2021 will be a much better year for everyone.

Aren't we glad to see the back of 2020? The year that COVID-19 kinda took over the world and everything that goes on around our planet. I can't imagine that there's a single person that this nightmare virus hasn't effected in some way or other.

For us, the biggest effect obviously, was that we couldn't get out to teach you, our clients, how to drive. We were effectively "closed for business" from March 23rd until August 24th. 5 months enforced "holiday" though a holiday that we here at MDS could have really done without. 

When we did get the go-ahead to re-open My Driving School, it was, quite frankly, MENTAL - but in a good way........ Once we started to call around you, our clients, our diary's were "rammed". We unfortunately had to turn away many potential customers as we just couldn't cope with demand. We did get going with those we could accommodate and got as many people to test as we possibly could.

Demand was so great that we have enlisted another 3 instructors with a 4th just about to start too, though since Xmas you will all know that we are again in LockDown and unable to teach. We remain hopeful that this interruption will not be as long as the last one....... (Fingers crossed everyone!!)

Our new instructors are Susan, covering Peebles, up to Currie and everything in between (though focus will be mainly at home in Peebles), Andrew covering Edinburgh north and west and Vita covering Dunfermline to Currie and everything in between. Our existing team are still all here to cover all the usual areas too.

Even though we were only able to operate for 7 months of 2020, we, that's you and us, didn't do too badly with a total of 81 driving test successes. We managed 35 before the lockdown in March and a further 46 since re-opening in the last week of August........ just imagine what we could have done!!

Although we can hope to re-open as soon as possible, I doubt very much that things will return to any sort of normal for quite some time. I envisage masks and car wipe-downs will be the NEW normal, even after we've all received the vaccine. I also envisage chaos as far as theory and practical test booking and availability, however, we here at MDS will carry on providing our best possible service and top-end driver training to each and every current and future client with an aim to gaining success for you all just as soon as we can..........

For now everyone,

Take Care, Stay Safe, we'll see you soon..........


Good bye to 2019 - Welcome to 2020

Well, what a year that has been. 

Somewhere in the region of 102 passes here at MDS in 2019, many of which were first time passes and a good handful were ZERO faults!! Congratulations to each and every one of our successful pupils from 2019. Hope you have all managed to stay safe on the roads and are enjoying your driving. We are sure the list of passes will be even greater in 2020. 

We have also had some passes at the higher level too this year. Congratulations going to Neil Hay and Nick Hudson, our latest successful "in-house" trained Driving Instructors. 

Neil is situated to the south of the city and unfortunately Nick has decided to leave MDS and "go it alone"

Some words from Neil; "I came from the motor industry having been there for 16 years. When looking for a new challenge, I wanted to incorporate my passion for cars, something that I've had since I was a kid. Being a Driving Instructor allows me to meet new and interesting people every day and I enjoy helping them to overcome any fears and progress towards test success whilst at the same time allowing myself the flexibility to work around my own young family. When I'm not working I like to "play" with my wee Japanese import car, which has even appeared in car magazines and car shows.


Moving forward into 2020, we would like to thank all of our customers and clients for choosing My Driving School, and we would like to thank, in advance, all those who choose us in 2020. We hope we can make your journey towards test success as easy and stress-free as possible.


Finally we wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year

"All the best"


Dave B & Dave H along with the rest of the MDS gang.

It's been a while.........

Hi everybody. I'm sorry it's been so long since we were here "blogging"

We've gone through many changes since our last blog. Namely, new instructors on board, new cars and additions to our automatic fleet, and of course as you can see - we've updated our website to this great looking one - Thanks to Howard at Level Media for his work on the site - hope you agree, it looks AWESOME.

The problem with blogging is that afterwards, the phones and email contacts go "ballistic" with new enquiries and to be honest, we can't cope with what we've got already just now. We're not complaining of course, we love having this "problem" LoL......... 

Needless to say, we've had a really successful 2017 so far and, although there's only a couple of months of the year left, I'm sure we'll be hitting record pass numbers by the end of the year.......

So, welcome to our new site, new instructors and new cars.

We'll be blogging more regular now we're settling in to the bigger, better, improved for you "MY DRIVING SCHOOL"

Another “busy” week of testing…

More passes this week – mainly FIRST TIME PASSES too 

Firstly we’ve had Kirsty Dilworth of Mayfield passing with Sam O’Brien, followed by 2 for instructor Dave Brown, firstly Scott Forrest of Clermiston passing first time with only 3 minors followed the next day by Victoria Neill of Balerno who passed also FIRST TIME and with a CLEAN SHEET!!!!

On the same day as Victoria passed, Instructor Chris Polson had a very early start to catch the first test where he had another FIRST TIME PASS with pupil Yanghe Liu.

Well done to all pupils and instructors, with a special “Congratulations” to Victoria.

Spring – Summer Update ;-)

Hi all,

We’ve had a REALLY busy time since our last blog post in April – however, it’s been really successful too!

Since April we’ve had 41 people successfully pass their driving test.

Out of those 41, 27 have been FIRST TIME PASSES (2 of them with ZERO faults recorded!!)

Further breakdown shows that 10 tests were in our automatic cars – 7 of these were First Time Passes

31 were conducted in our manual cars and 20 of these were First Time Passes.

Congratulations to all who passed whether it was the first time or not. What an awesome job you all did

More Success to blog !!

A FIRST TIME PASS 5 April 16′ Congratulations Jason Bryant of Craigentinny. Jason sat his test under instructor, Davie Liddle at Musselburgh and passed with only 1 minor and only 9 driving lessons. Well done to the both of you. Fantastic job. 

Well done to Ravi Vabhi, who passed FIRST TIME at Musselburgh Test Centre on 6th April with only 5 minor errors. Excellent job both Ravi and Instructor Dave MacKenzie.

Enjoy your new found freedom, Ravi.

Another FIRST TIME PASS on 8th April. Congratulations Lynette Brown of Granton. Lynette passed with only 35 hours of driver training under instructor, Davie Liddle. A Big well done to the both of you. 

And finally for this post, We had another pass on Friday 8th April, Kirsty Sumerling of Polwarth passed with only 2 minors.

Brilliant job Kirsty

Well done to you all from all the gang here at My Driving School.

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