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Lunch Break Success

You CAN’T beat an extended lunch break from work – if it’s to sit your driving test. You CAN beat the examiner’s strike action though – and PASS FIRST TIME

Big well done to Andy Stephen of Easter Road, Edinburgh who passed in Currie after training with Dave Brown. 
Well done mate – it has been a pleasure. 

Another pass for Dave H in Musselburgh

Congratulations Kirstie Veitch of Mayfield! Kirstie passed at Musselburgh test centre. Kirstie will now be able to drive to work and this will save getting on 2 buses. A big well done from tour instructor, Dave Hutch. (you have home to thank for the photo)

First Time Passes in Currie

Got another member signing up to our FIRST TIME PASS club today, 16th Nov 2015. 
Jamie Mack from Corstorphine passed with only 3 minors and after only 10 hours of lessons with instructor Abid. 

Here’s what Jamie has to say;

“Passed first time with MDS and would highly recommend learning to drive with them! Thanks to my instructor, Abid who was very helpful and made me feel confident behind the wheel.”

Tea time for the instructors………????

While Sam and Dave were catching up with a cup of tea, our pupils were out passing their test!!

Congratulations David Ketchen of Mayfield. David passed with just 4 minor faults and already has a car in the driveway ready to go.

A big well done from your instructor, Sam and the rest of us at;


Also congratulations to Luisa Petretti of Liberton. Luisa passed with 38 hours tuition and is insured on her mum's car until she finds a car.

More FTP’s in Musselburgh

Another FIRST TIME PASS today, 3 Nov 2015. Congratulations Kobi May of Gorebridge. Kobi sat his test at Musselburgh and passed with 5 minor faults with just 27 hours tuition. This is a great achievement. Well done from your instructor, Sam.

Another MDS student to join the FIRST TIME PASS club with just one minor fault and 26 hour tuition. 
Congratulations Dylan Black and to your instructor Davie Liddle. Dylan already has a car waiting for him at home. 

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