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Finishing off December 2015 :-)

Finishing off December 2015 :-)

Congratulations Dawn Sives of Restalrig! Dawn passed on the 14th Dec with just 30 hours tuition and 7 minor faults. Dawn is hoping to get a car for Christmas. A big well done from your instructor, Davie Liddle.

Another MDS student in the FIRST TIME PASS club. Congratulations Kieran Somerville of Mayfield. Kieran passed also on the 14th at Musselburgh with just the 1 minor fault and only 30 hours tuition! Kieran is a professional footballer playing with Livingston FC and his license will help him attend his training sessions and games. A big well done from your instructor, Sam. Sam also taught Kieran’s sister who passed First time and is now teaching his brother, Ryan. No pressure Ryan.

Productive day for MDS 3 out of 3 test passes on the 14th and another student to add to our FIRST TIME PASS club. Congratulations Ashley McGregor of Ferry Road. Ashley has only had 33 hours tuition (average hours to pass is 45) so an excellent result. A big well done from your instructor, Davie Liddle. Ashley has a car ready to go so will make Christmas shopping that bit easier.

If at first you don’t succeed…
Try, try, try and try again 

MASSIVE congratulations on the 16th Dec go to Ewa Wloszak from Poland, currently living in Edinburgh but about to move to Austria to catch up with hubby who’s there already. 
Also only 2 weeks till Ewa’s new baby is delivered on the 30th Dec. 
We have been through good times and bad getting Ewa to test but I must congratulate her for her dedication and tenacity and for basically “hanging on in there”.
I reckon we’ve become good mates and I’d like to offer my absolute best wishes to her and her family for a very happy and successful future.

Congratulations Chris Laird of Eskbank. Chris passed his test in Musselburgh with just 5 minors on the 18th Dec. Chris has just become self-employed do his driving license will be of great use. A big well done from your instructor, Sam.

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